What this blog is all about

I’ve decided to start this blog due the fact that I don’t really have somewhere that I can express my thoughts and the occasional frustration when it comes to dealing with women. I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not but I am doing well for myself and I am pretty content with my sex life. But like most men I want hotter girls simple as that, I’ve banged all sorts of girls. Some hot girls, some average girls and thankfully the seriously ropey girls are long behind me.

In terms of a number I think I’m at around 80 notches, which isn’t bad and realistically is a life times worth for most men and I’m only 25. I should be satisfied. However, at the moment I’m insatiable, every girl leads onto the next one and I’m enjoying it. A couple of years ago I was actually putting pressure on myself to live up to this player lifestyle I wanted to have and now basically enjoy.


Me about two years ago

I’m fully aware that I’m chasing a dragon and there are no prizes at the end of this rainbow but I enjoy the thrill of the chase and whilst it appeals to me I’ll keep on doing it. So the good news is that I have no idea where this blog is going but I like sharing my experiences so I will keep them coming.

Also occasionally I will probably spew out random thoughts too so bear with me on that. Excuse the grammar. Forgive the language. Enjoy it.

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