Lay Reports: They keep on coming

I’m sitting on bed, it’s around 1pm on Sunday afternoon and I have the cheekiest smile on my face. For this Friday and Saturday night I have two fresh notches and both went without a hitch and if anything have further given me confidence that I am a man that women desire. Better yet, Friday girl was a surprise, she was a throw away number from overseas and she randomly messaged me saying that she’s going to be in London and that we should meet up. I know that means, if I get my logistics right she’ll be ready to go over.

So I meet her in London, I greet her with a kiss and it brings it all back. I lead her back to my place, just to show her around, she leaves her bag and we head out in my car. I stay local, find a nice place to eat with Asian food, show her the pretty things that girls usually like. We get back to mine, she’s half talking about going back to her friends where shes staying tonight but I know this is just preamble and it doesn’t throw me off. I stick Netflix on, let her choose something. Surprisingly she doesn’t let me escalate too much during it but she does ask if I can hear the neighbours talking through the walls and I know what she’s implying but I play innocent. It’s on. We go upstairs, we fuck for hours and she’s looking at me like I’ve changed her life. We’re having a bit of pillow talk and she says to me “you’re like Casanova because you make a girl feel like she is loved even if it’s just for a night.” I said to her “fuck me, I’m putting that on my gravestone.” She also said that when she was climaxing, she felt like she’d known me forever and that she was in love with me. I just laughed because I’d spoken to her all day about how I love being single and how I don’t need commitment.

The next morning, we had some breakfast and I took her to the station, said our goodbyes and I have no idea if I’ll see her again. I went home, slept, ate then got ready to pick up the next girl Karolina, a Polish I’ve been seeing. I invited her round for dinner, well I said we’d cook and see how it goes. I pick her up, greet her with a kiss. We go to a local shop and I let her pick out some ingredients as I casually check out some of the other girls in the supermarket. The wondering eye is never off duty. Eventually I focus back on Karolina because her ass looks so good and I’m already imaging what I’m going to do with her later. We get home and she takes the lead with the cooking so I let her get on with it, she prepares a great meal, I thank her for it and we settle down to watch some TV. We got to about 10 minutes into what we were watching before she was naked ready to go, we go upstairs and it was game over.

As you see, I haven’t had any real resistance this week when it comes to getting girls to sleep with me and I put this down to my congruence. I act myself and completely sure that I will give her a good time but on the same side of that coin, I’m not really that bothered, it just happens to be the case that both of these things are not mutually exclusive. It’s been fuck filled week, I had a couple of my regulars over during the week so that’s 5 different girls this week, which I wouldn’t usually schedule in but I’ve been forced out of the gym with an injury so need to take my aggression out somewhere. I believe that was also my 20th new girl of the year which matches my total from last year and there’s still 2 and a half months left. I’m weirdly into my numbers as you can see. I think soon though, I will be winding down and keeping things a bit more low key and concentrate on the things I have coming up in the next 6 months or so.





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