Monogamy Monster: Part 2

Hello, as you can see this is part 2, so have a read of part 1 here.

When you’re seeing a girl but don’t want commitment, especially over an extended period of time, things get tricky. At some point most girls want commitment, that means they want you to stop banging other chicks and just see them. In my life, that’s just not happening. I’m 25, I’m not ready to cut my dick off from the rest of the world. Now I face the issue head on and just tell it how it is, that I’m not committing to anything and I don’t lying about it. However, as I’ve alluded to, I used to lie about it and that shit got messy. I’ve had death threats, cut your dick off threats and suicide threats/attempts(yep one girl actually ended up in hospital) all because I tried to skirt around issues. I think the first part of the problem is that I’m a sexy bastard and secondly that I’m hot and cold. The truth is, I’m frankly “meh” about most girls, it’s got little to do with her looks, it’s just unless she has that something that draws me in, I’ll happily bang her and string her along for months on end.

The first one I’m going to tell you about was an 18 year old Serbian girl. Side note, if you’ve never been to Serbia, go because the girl’s are fucking insane insanely hot. Anyway I met this girl over there on Tinder, we go on a date, it’s all good. I can tell she’s into me, we go for some food and a stroll down the Sava, it was lovely evening and I knew she was really into me. My apartment was a 5 minute walk away, I’ve already made out with her at this point, walk her back and she refuses to come in. Pretty standard. Eventually she agrees to come in but she’s not taking her shoes off. A lot of hassle, I get her into bed, nearly bang her but she’s not having it but she gives me a blowjob then leaves because her dads calling her. She naturally blows up my phone, can’t stop calling, I’m not even in Serbia anymore. She tells me that she’s a virgin and it all makes sense now. I entertain the calls for a bit and she’s coming to London pretty soon and she’s telling me that she wants me to take her virginity. She comes to London and I’m pretty unsure of what I should do because I’m convinced she’s in love with me and things could get messy(listen to your gut) but she initiated things quickly when we met again and we had sex. She was in town for a few days so we met a few times, it was good, she was calling herself my little slut. Fun times. Then one day, she tells me she wants more and that she wants me to be her boyfriend. This is where I lie because it’s fucking easy right, I figured I’ll say yes and then end it later citing distance being a struggle. What can go wrong? Well it was fine for a few weeks, she went home and I just kept her sweet.

One major problem, I had fucked her raw(I made sure I didn’t cum in her) and around that time I had also fucked another random girl from Tinder raw and that girl had given me chlamydia. These things happen and I was just happy it wasn’t anything more serious(again trust your gut because I was seriously unsure about that girl). At this point I wasn’t sure who gave it to me so I had to inform all the girls I’d barebacked in the last 6 months that they might be at risk(I’m not that much of a dick not to tell them but I have friends who have kept it to themselves) and the results were not pretty. I should screenshot all the messages and put them on here because I had to tell like 9/10 girls and…yeah it was awkward. One girl had a boyfriend and decided to tell him before getting tested…amateur stuff. Another girl just said “Hey. Fuck you.” and that was the end of that one. The only one that was pretty chill about it was a doctor, go figure. Anyway this Serbian girl did not take it well, was absolutely mad and I don’t blame her for it. Turns out she didn’t have it and her doctor told her that if I had it, she most definitely would have got it so I had to have got it after sleeping with her. So she’s worked out I’ve fucked someone else, goes crazy and literally loses her mind. What she did next actually really annoyed me even though I shouldn’t have been that bothered and I should say that I did actually quite like this girl, I just didn’t think a long distance thing would work. Another case of different circumstances, different result. Anyway, so she tells me she’s going to fuck someone else and I’m pretty dismissive about it, not bothered.

Ooo a snapchat message

So one day, I’m sitting at work and get a video message from her, I open it and it’s a video of some girl getting fucked by some guy with a huge cock. I thought it was weird until closer inspection and I realised it was her. That got my attention and actually pissed me off. I left it for a bit, she told me she’s glad she got her revenge, it meant nothing and she wanted to “get back together.” I called her a whore and all that, lost it and told her about all the other girls I’d fucked in Serbia. This really hurt her and she threatened to tell her dad what happened and have him send some heavies round, I mean she knew where I lived and she was one of those rich Serbians. The threat was idol but still left that lingering thought in the back of my mind. As of today, I’ve forgotten about the video and we occasionally talk to each other, she got a new boyfriend and randomly sent me a few pictures telling me how much better looking he is than me. I laughed. I think it was her that made me realise that you can’t lie and fuck with people’s feelings because it makes them do things they don’t want to do. She was the coolest girl for the longest time until she cracked and she told me how much she regretted sleeping with that other guy who had been chasing her for months.

One example, I have more but they will be more fitting with different subjects. Until next time guys, keep on fucking.

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