My 2017 stats

New girls: 21

New countries: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Malaysia, Austria, Finland, Denmark and Sri Lanka

Near misses:

  • One due to a period(Russian girl)
  • Another due to a cockblock friend who decided to not handle his booze.
  • A couple of LMRs, had half of my cock in one and had the other half naked in bed
  • Had a girl ready bang in a bar toilet but security caught us. Then I had to leave with my boys.


  • In my first night in Budapest, sneaking out of bed after banging an 18 year old Hungarian girl and going on a 10 minute walk to a Moroccan girls house and trying it on with her too. Then sneaking back to my apartment and railing the Hungarian in the morning again.
  • Banging an ex Mormon cam girl
  • Banging my third MILF and continued my MILF m.o. of fake tits, tight bodies and dirty.
  • Banging a girl who spoke zero English.

Lessons learnt:

  • If you own your shit and do what you want, it’s amazing what you can get away with. That’s why a strong frame is one of the best indicators of a strong man.
  • When you have standards, you get better results in most areas of your life.
  • Girls see me as a bad boy so there’s no real need to play up to it.
  • Keep having fun and dodge that old ball and chain.


Hopefully the next 12 months will be as fruitful as the last, I think this year I want to focus more on quality. That’s not just in terms of looks but in how I feel when I’m around the girl. I find myself getting bored quickly and I’m not completely sure why that is but I’ll see if I can find out.

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