Is she a slut?

This is something which I’ve thought about for a while and it’s more an intellectual curiosity at this point in my life rather than a pressing matter.

The title says it all, is the girl that I’ve just bed a slut? Well I have this thought process occasionally and I’ve come to the conclusion that her past is a factor but not that important, usually it’s me. I believe that most girls will go to bed with a guy relatively easily if he turns her on or fits into her archetype of the guy she wants to go to bed with. I don’t even think her past has that much to do with it if you are what she wants. In the past couple of years since I’ve been averaging 20+ women a year, I’ve noticed the trend that the less experienced girls and more experienced girls are opening their legs just as easily or there is no significant difference between them. If it’s what they want, it’s what they want. How chaste a woman is has fast become an individual thing, there’s no where near the amount of oppression there used to be which came in the form of religion and family. But now it’s heavily leaning towards the woman’s own experiences and just what she wants. Simple. So when she finds a guy that she does like, there are no mental barriers for her to let go off, she just goes with the flow. These girls just need the right kind of guy to walk into their life.

I have a kind of ex, Serbian girl, she was 18 at the time and spent years not sleeping with guys and basically preserving her virginity. She’s had numerous boyfriends but wouldn’t let them do the deed. However, we go out on a date, I take her back to my apartment and there’s resistance at every step of the way but eventually she’s naked in my bed insisting that I’m not allowed to touch her because she will fuck me and she doesn’t want to lose her virginity on the first date with a guy. She ended up giving me a blowjob, left and became obsessed. The next time I was in Serbia, the first night I was there, she told her dad to drop her off at a restaurant(my apartment), came in and within 15 minutes we were doing the deed. Now on paper that looks like the modus operandi of rather loose girl but it was her first time, I can’t speak about what she’s been up to since but she doesn’t seem like the kind of girl to sleep around.

Even Adele the girl I have yet to finish things with wasn’t “difficult” to get into bed. She wouldn’t kiss when we first met but when I was stripping her naked her only comment was “I just want you to know that I’m not very experienced.” So she was into it, no qualms just needed that little reassurance,

Then there’s the more slutty girls I’ve slept with I know of 2 who have had probably 50 cocks inside them. Interestingly enough, the experience speaks for itself, they were both very good in bed. Good case of being there for a good time not a long time. The first girl I slept with probably 10 minutes after we first met, we had chatted on Tinder quite a bit, she also told me she loved me…interesting. The next girl refused to put out on the first date, actually really did well playing the good girl until she drunk called me to come over 2 days after our first date and that was that.

I mention that last one because of this girl Alex from work who pretty much had the identical lead up to this girl I just mentioned. First date and went to back to hers, I actually didn’t really try anything with her. She gets drunk one night and tells me to come over, simple. Is she a slut? Probably lol. Does that rule her out of anything serious with me? I want to say yes but what’s the difference between that and the girls who have little to no experience? On the face of how the interactions went, not a lot.