5 new lays…

I had 5 new girls the other week. It was one of those weeks where it all comes together and everything I seemed to touch just opened it’s legs. There were a 3 fucking dime pieces in there as well. It was wild.

Girl 1

There was one particular lay which I’m proud about simple because it’s so fucking weird and I never thought something like that would happen. I will keep details to a minimum because it involves a girl who is seeing a guy breaking an agreement and I like her company so I don’t want to screw her over. So it starts like this, I met this girl about a year ago and we don’t live in the same city or country for that matter, she’s Hungarian and lives in Budapest. I went back there this summer after a year and we’d been snapchatting on and off, she’d send pretty suggestive pictures occasionally but like previously, she was always off about meeting and I couldn’t work out why.

So I discovered something pretty recently where I’d ask girls out on dates and they basically say no or skirt around it but if I invite them straight over to my place, accompanied with a picture of me looking jacked, they’re in the next cab over. Almost like a glitch in the matrix but it has worked quite a few times now. So I invite this girl out for a drink at a nice bar I like in Budapest. I’ll call her Bunny because that’s how she’s saved in my phone. About an hour from the agreed time, she messages me and says “I don’t think I can come because I’m seeing a guy and I don’t want us to be seen out with you.” At this point I’m like trying to stay calm because for the last two days we’d be talking and it was fine but suddenly this guy turns up out of no where. I sat down for a minute and thought about how to play it because usually once a girl has an idea in her head, it’s set. I did something I don’t usually do, I went in on her saying it’s rude how she’s made plans, how she’s being disrespectful of me time and that I’m far from pleased. She says she feels bad, so I tell her to come over and we’ll talk about it. 10 minutes and a few pictures later, she’s making her way over to mine.

She gets to mine, we chat and chill for a bit, her English isn’t great but who cares. So then we go to bed and we bang. She’s models on and off when she wants some extra money and I’d never seen her ass before but it was insane. We enjoyed each other for a few hours and over pillow talk, I asked her about this guy. This is where things get funny. It turns out she’s seeing a footballer and he’s actually a good one too. He plays in one of the top 5 football divisions in Europe(I won’t say which) and regularly plays against the best players in the world. He must be earning 30-40k a week and I smashed his girl. Worse yet, he actually called when she was over at mine and she gave me a look of “oh I feel so bad.” I genuinely don’t know what to make of this, she said she had spent the whole of the week before with him and kept in constant contact. I saw her again 2 days later and she confessed that she actually really likes me so she doesn’t feel as bad. Since I’m back in London she’s talked about coming to visit.

Girl 2

I was in Vienna at this point, I had a spare evening so I jumped on Tinder and swiped away. I came across this cute girl, we matched and I proposed that we met that evening and we did. We meet at this bar and when she arrived, she was nothing like her pictures. She was way hotter. She’s about 5’1, looks way younger than her age of 23, she jokes that everyone thinks she’s 16, probably the prettiest girl I’ve hooked up with in years and she’s in great shape. I said a little thank you to the heavens and get on with things. We get a drink at first, then an ice cream and we go for a walk by the river. Always go for a walk by the river, bitches love rivers! I kiss her and invite her back to my room, no resistance. We bang and it’s fucking great, she’s as tight as anything. So after we’re talking and I ask about her history and it turns out that I’m only the third guy that she’s ever slept with. She’d signed up for Tinder earlier that week and liked the look of me, coupled with the fact that I’m really good at not fucking things up, it was easy. I like the girl so we’ll hang out again for sure.

Girl 3

This is another girl from Tinder who was way prettier in person. I love it. She’s Polish, has quite a few tattoos, blue eyes, dark hair, petite with a great set of tits. I spent the first half an hour of our date trying not to stare at them too much and they weren’t even out. So about an hour into the date, she confesses that she is actually a dominatrix. Like she gets paid to stamp on old mens balls and shit. They basically like having a sweet looking girl to punish them and degrade them. She reckons I’m too young to understand it but  I had  so many questions for her. I find that refreshing now that on dates I don’t really think about anything, most stuff takes care of itself and I don’t have to actively think. We go for a walk by the river, remember what I said about rivers 😉 and she loves it. I walk her back towards my apartment and she works out what’s happening, comments but keeps walking. We get in and the dance begins, there’s a fair bit of resistance. I attribute this to the fact that she basically opened up to me earlier, she doesn’t tell many people what she does and I don’t think she wanted me to see her as a whore or something like that. She was quick to tell me that she doesn’t fuck her clients. So eventually we fuck and it’s good, in her everyday life she’s so submissive it’s great. Long story short, we have another girl who really likes me.

The other two were a girl who had a boyfriend and invited me to her apartment and the other is actually too crazy to even write on here. Like full on crazy shit that I won’t be typing.

Patting myself on the back…

I have finally reached triple figures. I’ve shagged over a hundred women now. I’m 25 years old and the quality this year has gone way up and it feels easy. I don’t really see women as a challenge anymore, I’m genuinely getting to the point where I might just think about putting all my efforts into something else. I can totally see how some people go cold turkey and end up religious or something else wacky.

So far in 2018, I’ve had 25 new women which is fucking crazy and it’s only August. I definitely turn down more sex than I have these days, which is a nice thing to be able to do. But I just feel…not empty because I do enjoy it but something else. I will see if I can put my finger on it.

Why don’t you get it?

I have a new girl, she’s from Lithuania, the old Lithuania girl basically got bored of me not committing to anything and left…but not before I fucked the shit out her a few more times haha. But this new Lithuanian girl is cool.

During pillow talk she basically confirmed to me what I already knew. Unless you “get it”, you’re not going to get it. She was telling me about a guy who was trying to date her, he had sent her a CV as like an application to be her boyfriend and she thought it was cute so went on a date with him. They had three dates, hadn’t even kissed…I knew where this was going, she ended it with him because he was too nice.

I on the other hand, took her out for one date. The second one was random and I basically just came over, watched some TV then done. She hadn’t had sex in around 6 months and left her in a crumbled heap on the sheets. After she confirmed to me that I “get it” and said that masculinity cannot be taught. That’s why some dudes don’t get pussy, they don’t feel go for it, they’re not actually inserting their presence onto a female.

This year has a been a good year for me so far, I’m having fun and relationships seem a million miles away. I also finally ended things with Adele but I’m still seeing Karolina(it’s been about 6 months) but she seems content with how things are and knows I don’t want anything serious.

They came over and went over.

Those two girls did come over, so that’s 9 new girls in a month. It’s all seems too easy, like King Midas everything I seem to touch turns to gold…or just spreads it’s legs. I might do a post soon on how girls from foreign countries behave differently. In those 9 girls, there’s been 2 Canadians, 3 English, a Latvian, a Lithuanian, a Pole and a Filipino. London has a lot of variety, throws out a bit of everything.

Today I went for a quick drink with a busty Romanian chick, she’s cute, smart and had a pretty strong frame(mentally)…but she does crossfit and that’s basically a cult. I also went on a date with a Czech girl from where I work, she pretended like she thought it was just a friend thing at first. But I soon put a stop to that idea, ended up making out. I also went out with the Colombian chick, that was a weird one because it was back to back with the Czech girl, it was getting late. She basically spent half an hour complaining about London and talking about how much she hated it, I got the feeling she just wanted to hang out with someone. I hadn’t really spoken to her much before the drink and I never really had that before so at the end of it, I made it crystal clear that I wanted to take her out on a proper date. But yeah, things are going smoothly on that front, I haven’t been flaked on in ages.

There’s another girl at work I’m interested in, she’s Irish, we had a little flirt last week and she’s cute as fuck. I actually came across her on Tinder that same day so she’s definitely single, I think I have a way to give her “are you in or out?” choice I give to most girls. Naturally at this point, I’m pretty ambivalent to whatever happens. I think at this point my rotation and by that I mean girls I could call up and bang this week is at around 12 girls at a guess, which means sex isn’t a problem. I’ve kept most of them used to the fact that they won’t hear from me for even months at a time…but when come calling 😉

Rinse and repeat…

So the Lithuanian chick came round the other night, 2 hours late as expected which was fine because I accounted for that and hungry when she arrived. Food was on the table, we drank and ate. Started watching a movie and obviously didn’t finish it. No issues, she’s got fucking amazing body and great pair of tits. I quite like her, she’s more down to earth than I gave her credit for. She also supported my theory about girls from behind the iron curtain, they give much better blowjobs. That’s 7 new girls in 27 days or something like that which is insane. I’ve got another new chick coming over tomorrow night, I haven’t done any graft with her or any rapport so she’s a probable flake based on that but from her messages she seems keen and down to fuck. Then the Polish chick is over on Wednesday evening. Asked a Colombian and a Czech girl out on Thursday, I want them both but as the Czech girl was temping at my work for a bit she can wait as we have more rapport. Plus I flaked on the Colombian girl a few months ago and recontacted her today and she seems keen to give it another go. Friday, I hopefully might go out to a bar, I haven’t been to one in so long because there’s just been no need and haven’t had the time but if not I’ll probably see the Lithuanian. Then after that I won’t have a free house again for a while so really making hay whilst I can.

I went through that stage a few months ago where I contemplated monogamy and that seems so long ago. However, I can see myself on a slippery slope where I’ll end up getting crazy expectations for myself, after 7 in a month, I’m not going to have that again and I understand it’s just a purple patch. I’m also nearly at 100 girls which seems insane aged 25 and I’m actually feeling a bit empty inside. I still think about my ex from my last proper long term relationship daily. She was a really good friend of mine, someone I used to talk to about things and she was great like that but I always knew at this age, I needed to spread my wings and get amongst it. I’ve enjoyed it but I’ve slept with 50-60 girls since we’ve broken up and I haven’t connected with anyone anywhere near like we did. I don’t regret breaking up with her though because we’d probably be living together now and nearly engaged which doesn’t appeal to me.


Well it’s been a while and I’m not even sure where I left off last time. Well I have recently given up porn, I haven’t done the whole no fap thing where you starve yourself of any sort of pleasure but I did start to notice that porn was effecting my mood and occasionally ability to get it up. So I gave it up, I went cold turkey for a month and a half on it and it did the trick. Currently my presence and vibe is off the scale, I’ve smashed 6 new girls in about 20 days and I feel invincible. I can feel the energy that I’m giving off, it’s like a beacon for women around me. I’m under no illusions, it’s definitely a purple patch but I’m definitely still cashing in on it. There are also a few girls that can be ticked off in the next couple of weeks. I now have acquired a decent sized rotation of girls who I sleep with on and off and it’s a nice problem to have when you’re working out who you want to fuck. I currently have 3-4 girls that I’m actually dating at the moment, scheduling is interesting and I definitely want to cut them down a bit.

The latest addition is a Polish girl, tall and slim like a catwalk model. She’s not my usual type but she has these eyes that draw me in. We’ve met a few times, I think I’ll invite her over next week and…tick. Added bonus is that she lives a 5 minute drive from me.

Then we also have a Lithuanian chick, the kind of hot girl with the resting bitch face. The thing about this girl is, it’s actually quite hard to date her, she’s a man magnet. I’ll give two examples that I have personally observed. I was meeting her at the weekend, we were just going for a few drinks somewhere and as we were about to meet, she calls me because she can’t find me so I try to find her to walk to her. I see her about a hundred metres away from me, but then about fifty metres away is this dude and his friend, and this guy makes a beeline for her. She’s spots it and start walking away quicker and slightly away from the guy. At this point I’m pretty much there as well and I wait for her as this guy is trying to chat her up and she’s walking to me. Another example is from earlier on when we were seeing each other, we were in a small bar and the waiter kept hitting on her whenever I left to go to the toilet. At first when she told me, I didn’t believe it but then I actually saw it. Pretty weird situation because I didn’t know how to react, I just ignored it like most other things and it wasn’t an issue and hasn’t come up since.

I stopped seeing Alex from work but she was swiftly replaced by another girl at work(I’m asking for trouble) and I’ll call her Karolina. She is from Australia, cool girl, we get on well and I’ve known her and have been trying to fuck her for years. Eventually she can’t hold off any longer and we’ve been seeing each other for a few months, I actually think it’s dying down a little now and I’m not opposed to it fizzling out rather than having some drawn out bullshit given that I see her a lot.

Then there’s Adele…I can’t seem to end it with this girl, it’s weird. I want to but the sex is really really good and I’m enjoying it. However, I know that she loves me and wants me to meet her parents and stuff, I’ve let this get way too far. We started seeing each other in September so it’s been like 9 months so I can’t blame her. I need to bite the bullet and trim down this rotation of mine because I want to make room for some new girls. Karolina and Adele are in the so called dropzone and the Eastern Europeans live to fight another day.

Is she a slut?

This is something which I’ve thought about for a while and it’s more an intellectual curiosity at this point in my life rather than a pressing matter.

The title says it all, is the girl that I’ve just bed a slut? Well I have this thought process occasionally and I’ve come to the conclusion that her past is a factor but not that important, usually it’s me. I believe that most girls will go to bed with a guy relatively easily if he turns her on or fits into her archetype of the guy she wants to go to bed with. I don’t even think her past has that much to do with it if you are what she wants. In the past couple of years since I’ve been averaging 20+ women a year, I’ve noticed the trend that the less experienced girls and more experienced girls are opening their legs just as easily or there is no significant difference between them. If it’s what they want, it’s what they want. How chaste a woman is has fast become an individual thing, there’s no where near the amount of oppression there used to be which came in the form of religion and family. But now it’s heavily leaning towards the woman’s own experiences and just what she wants. Simple. So when she finds a guy that she does like, there are no mental barriers for her to let go off, she just goes with the flow. These girls just need the right kind of guy to walk into their life.

I have a kind of ex, Serbian girl, she was 18 at the time and spent years not sleeping with guys and basically preserving her virginity. She’s had numerous boyfriends but wouldn’t let them do the deed. However, we go out on a date, I take her back to my apartment and there’s resistance at every step of the way but eventually she’s naked in my bed insisting that I’m not allowed to touch her because she will fuck me and she doesn’t want to lose her virginity on the first date with a guy. She ended up giving me a blowjob, left and became obsessed. The next time I was in Serbia, the first night I was there, she told her dad to drop her off at a restaurant(my apartment), came in and within 15 minutes we were doing the deed. Now on paper that looks like the modus operandi of rather loose girl but it was her first time, I can’t speak about what she’s been up to since but she doesn’t seem like the kind of girl to sleep around.

Even Adele the girl I have yet to finish things with wasn’t “difficult” to get into bed. She wouldn’t kiss when we first met but when I was stripping her naked her only comment was “I just want you to know that I’m not very experienced.” So she was into it, no qualms just needed that little reassurance,

Then there’s the more slutty girls I’ve slept with I know of 2 who have had probably 50 cocks inside them. Interestingly enough, the experience speaks for itself, they were both very good in bed. Good case of being there for a good time not a long time. The first girl I slept with probably 10 minutes after we first met, we had chatted on Tinder quite a bit, she also told me she loved me…interesting. The next girl refused to put out on the first date, actually really did well playing the good girl until she drunk called me to come over 2 days after our first date and that was that.

I mention that last one because of this girl Alex from work who pretty much had the identical lead up to this girl I just mentioned. First date and went to back to hers, I actually didn’t really try anything with her. She gets drunk one night and tells me to come over, simple. Is she a slut? Probably lol. Does that rule her out of anything serious with me? I want to say yes but what’s the difference between that and the girls who have little to no experience? On the face of how the interactions went, not a lot.