Field Report: The Princess Conundrum

Haven’t really updated for a while, I’ve been busy and out living my life rather than worrying about updating this, which I’m happy about. So Adele is still in rotation, I like her, she likes me, she spend Friday night over and we chilled. I’ve got my other fuck buddies who I rotate so I see them once every 3 weeks in order to ensure longevity. Familiarity breeds contempt. It’s all on my terms so I’m happy.

So I have a new girl that I’m going after, I will call her Woody because I actually call her that in real life as a nickname. We’ve met a few times through our social circle a few times, the first time we met it was at a day long event and I’m flirting with her and a couple of the other girls getting a feel for what happening. I’m flirting with Woody, she’s into me and saying some of the right things but I actually end up making out with her flatmate that night, who probably equally as good looking but less my type. However, before this I was chatting to Woody but she wouldn’t kiss me, she was giving positive signals but wouldn’t go further than that so I asked her out, she gave me her number. So I message her a few days later and she fluffs some bullshit and eventually starts screening my texts and not replying. That’s no bother to me, I have other girls so onto the next one…

A couple of weeks later, which was last weekend, we were out and she was there again. This is one example of where being in the community really helped me, I just knew I had to completely ignore the fact that she had blanked my texts and act normal. I actually flirt more with her flatmate that early on but as the night grows on I’m chatting more and more to Woody, I’m not even particularly flirting with her that much but she starts telling me she thinks I’m good looking and whatever but she has no intention of getting with anyone in our group because she had recently ended something with a guy that we all know, like we see him often enough kinda guy. So I’m like whatever, it’s getting late and we’re outside a club waiting to get in and I’m not feeling so I tell her we should knock it on the head and get some food, she agrees. We end up back at hers, make some food and whatever…and I end up staying the night in her bed, nothing happens. At one point I message a mate of mine and said “I can’t believe I’m staying over at this girls house and nothings happening, this is a fucking travesty, I’ve lost my touch.” It wasn’t actually a shitty moment but usually I would have just left but I had to be up early and I live about an hour away at that time of night. I stay over, we banter a bit but there was definitely nothing sexual going down that night.

So later this past week, we all went out again and she rocks up and we fucking hit off straight away. She’s actually got her friend from abroad with her but she’s just talking to me. I’m asking her outrageous questions and she’s eating it all up. Later we go to a club and trying to hold my hand, telling me how attractive I am and all that but how she still can’t do anything even though she really wants to. At this point I’m thinking, is it worth the effort, I don’t want anything serious and I know she doesn’t but it’s getting to that point where she’s making a thing which I’m not falling for. So I have to leave to get home and she’s begging me not to go, hiding my coat and playing silly games, I staying stoic as shit. It was the classic, girl is the storm, running around with her emotions but I’m the tree with the strong roots and not budging. I tell her to come upstairs to see me off and she hesitates. I realised she is worried I’m going to take her upstairs and try and seduce her outside. Earlier that night she had said that she actually sees me as a bad boy who is trying to get into her knickers and she only goes for nice guys. I tell her that I don’t think she’s been fucked properly and I could visibly see her start imagining things and this moment here where I’m walking up the stairs holding her hands was the start of that. She tells me that I’m such a bad influence on her, I tell her calm down I give her a hug, I’d promised not to kiss her and I don’t try even though I know she’d love nothing more than that. I tell her to come and see me at lunch during the week, she doesn’t work(she’s a proper princess, model mother and millionaire father) so she just fucks about she should spend that time with me.

As I write this, I haven’t messaged her yet but I did call her last night to arrange plans with friends and stuff like that but nothing flirty. I’m actually tempted to leave the lunch idea and wait until I see her again because she is a typical girl, flakey and kinda annoying about it but we’ll see. I could probably see her one evening this week socially. I think back now to where I was a couple of years and it’s crazy, just the level of girl is getting better, I just want more consistency with it. I find princess girls easier to seduce because they don’t want anything other than to feel good, they have their other needs met through their family so they don’t have the drive to climb the ladder especially in the 18-23 year age bracket. My other friends do not get it at all as I have no business with kinds of girls, like objectively they are well out of my league, I’m not good looking enough, I’m not rich but I know how to get myself into a good position with a chick.